Free Mocap Editor & Simulator

Mocapsim 1.0 is an open source motion capture editor and simulator tool.

MoCapSim is a project to enable people to explore the world of Motion Capture on a smaller scale, where they can learn to create motion capture data with regular tools and programs.

Formats Supported :SF/AMC, RIB, BVH, MEL etc.

OS Supported : MAC OS X

Size : 68 kb

Motion Hunter Software Download – Review

Motion Hunter is a motion detection Software which ensures safety to your home or work place.Using this software in your PC, you can connect 1 to 4 security cameras or web cameras and if there is any breach (if it detects any motions) it raises alarm or loud siren (you can set) to scare the intruders.Motion hunter software also sends email to the owner about the intrusion with the photos of the event. The best feature of this software is that you can watch the live streaming video and audio of your security video cameras or web cameras remotely.
So even if the intruders destroy your computer you will have a backup copy of the video remotely to take action.

It will be very useful for home as you can setup this software at a low cost with a webcam alone.So you can set your own surveillance system at cheap price with a webcam, a PC and motion hunter software.For using it in office you need many video cameras thats it.Ensure your home and office security now with this motion detection software.

ipi Desktop Motion Capture Software

I have already discussed about video based desktop motion capture from shoot3d
and now the technology preview of the software named ipi studio is released and available for free trial download. It is released by IPI Soft formerly known as shoot3d.

Here is a short summary of the ipi desktop motion capture software

ipi desktop mocap software which uses markerless motion capture technology. Simply it is a video based motion capture software, you have to record a video first and then you can extract the motions from the video using this software. You can use single as well as multi camera.It is an entry level mocap software which enables you to capture motions right at your desktop pc. This mocap software will be more useful to individual freelance animators, small studios, students and other mocap enthusiasts. You can set up your own mocap studio at very cheap price compared to other mocap systems available in the market.

Trial Download Released

The ipi Studio which is the main component of ipi desktop motion capture software comes with a 30 day trial version and after that mocap export option will be disabled. With this trial version you can learn the software and helps for evaluating it.

IPI Soft plans to release two editions,

  • Basic

Number of cameras – 2
Price – $950

  • Standard

Number of cameras – 4
Price – $1450 (Beta price: $495 Limited Time! )

Price does not include camera and other accessories, it’s the price of the software alone.Due to its low price and easy technology it can be Motion Capture For The Masses.

Download ipi Studio Demo Here

Leave your feedback here after using the software.

Motion Capture Software

I always wonder whether there is any motion capture software which delivers mocap data from recorded video without the need of using any mocap studio.Recording motions is always a tough job which needs setting up of cameras,lighting and wearing all those markers.Though markerless motion capture systems are also available now, but they are priced very high.

So how about a desktop software which creates mocap data from a video file captured using webcams or ordinary camera.Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Motion Capture Software gives the answer to you.They had announced a best motion capture software called Shoot3D Express which enables you to create mocap data easily from your PC.This markerless motion capture technology doesn’t need special lighting or arrangements and actors can wear casual clothes. So just shoot a video with any camera with minimum resolution of 640×480 and convert it into motion capture data [output formats supports BVH, Collada, SMD, Unreal Engine animation] within few minutes. Inputt formats supports MPEG1, MJPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, QuickTime.

Shoot3D contains an integrated keyframing animation editor, animation cleanup tools and a set of exporters for popular game engine formats, including Valve Software’s Source Engine, Unreal Engine, Second Life.And it supports export to 3d animation softwares like Maya, 3DS MAX, XSI, Poser and other 3D softwares.

System Requirements:

  • Video Camera(may be webcam or camcorder)
  • Win XP or Vista
  • powerful SM 3.0-compatible GPU (GeForce 9800 or Radeon 4850 recommended).

See The Working Of The Markerless Mocap Software:-

Check the Mocap Data Produced with shoot3d motion capture software:

BVH Format for above video 1
HalfLife SMD Format
Poser Specific
Endorphin Specific
BVH Format for above video 2

The Mocap Software is in alpha stage and going to be released in two versions

  • Shoot3D Express which is a single camera motion capture system.
  • Shoot3D Standard which will work with multiple cameras.

You can use ipi Recorder software for recording video from multiple cameras at a time and its a free software.

ipi Recorder – Download Free Here

I am waiting for the software to be lauched and i think it will be the cheapest and best motion capture software available in the market.

More than 2000 Motion Capture Files for Free Download

Hi friends i have found large collection of free motion capture files at .Many of you already knew this site for its large collection of MOCAP database.All motion captures found there are of high quality,professionally captured human motions of a wide variety of types and they can be used for commercial purposes. But all their motion capture data are available only in asf or amc format. So you need to convert this asf or amc to bvh format using AMC to BVH Converter which will help you to import them in Poser or Blender or other BVH supporting Character animation softwares.If you think its a big process to convert thousands of file, then go to which contains all files converted to BVH format from CMU ,all free for downloading.

BVH Viewer | Free Software

BVH viewer is a bvh motion visualizer and editing software which will be more useful for animators using Poser or Blender with bvh. Bvh viewer uses OpenGL 3D engine,so it runs fast.The key features of this software are

  • Quickly navigate through the motion sequence and view human body joints from different viewpoints at each frame
  • View exact joint rotation angles and 3D joint positions in text
  • View local coordinate system of any joint
  • Change joint rotation angles
  • Save the animation as an image sequence
  • Switch to overlaid mode
  • Save motion each joint as a text file
  • Highlight a joint
  • Change, save or restore to the saved viewpoint
  • Switch to a posing camera
  • Show/Hide joint names
  • Show/Hide joints or bones
  • Change size of joints or bones
  • Show/Hide ground plane or axis of world coordinate system

You can download this freeware here and you can also find a tutorial of using this software here.

Convert BVH to BIP

Many animators have the question that how to convert .BVH files to .BIP ?Is there any coverters for free ? So here is the answer for that type of motion capture conversions with 3ds max.Download the PDF to know it completely about the method of converting bvh to bip.

                                               Click Here To Download The PDF