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Free Fright Poses For Michael 4

Download 12 Free Fright Poses For Poser Michael 4 Character.

Free Poser Fright Poses12 original poses for Michael 4. These are poses of fears and/or great fear, Michael fled, defends the face is caught etc.
You there are no more to give it expression on its face and integrate it into your scenes of horrors.

Needed software: Poser 5 or above...
Needed product: Michael 4 base from Daz3D

Motion Capture Performances in Avatar Movie

See the Motion Capture work done in avatar movie. Motion Capture technology is really taking the movies to a new level.

US Truck Object For Poser

Truck Object Works with Poser 4 and above. Comes in .obj format with additional textures and various body containers.
US Poser Truck

US Paratrooper Figure For Poser

Download Poser Figure US Paratrooper in World War II. Package includes dress, rifle, helmet, poser figure and other props. All props are pre-loaded and parented with the figure. Also comes with 4 motions to walk, march and run, 17 unique war poses. Works with all Poser versions.

Sci-Fi Robo Model For Poser, Daz & Max

Download Robot Model BEO2K10 for your Sci-Fi Animations. Excellent machine looks like transformer autobots.


  • Modeled in ZBrush & 3D Studio MAX
  • 3 MAT poses
  • 8 Poses
  • 1 Weapon Prop

poser 3ds max robotCybernetic, full mechanoid no one knows but what we do know is they are heavily armored

Buy Now $20

Mammoth Poses For Your Ice Age Animation

Download Action Poses for Mammoth with Pre-Historic Backgrounds for your Poser / Daz.

Package includes :-

  • 25 Action Poses (Includes Battle Poses)
  • 10 Pre Historic Backgrounds


Poser Mammoth PosesThe woolly mammoth was the last species of the genus. Most populations of the woolly mammoth in North America and Eurasia died out at the end of the last Ice Age. Until recently, it was generally assumed that the last woolly mammoths vanished from Europe and Southern Siberia about 10,000 BC, but new findings show that some were still present there about 8,000 BC. Only slightly later, the woolly mammoths also disappeared from continental Northern Siberia.Woolly mammoths as well as Columbian mammoths disappeared from the North American continent at the end of the ice age. -

The Woolly Mammoth comes to life with this exciting set of poses and beautiful prehistoric backgrounds.

These poses employ a unique approach that greatly expands the limits of your Woolly Mammoth's flexibility and allows for a broader range of motion.

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