VisualMarker - Video Motion Capture $49.95 Only

Free Mocap Data From BeyondMotion

2 comments offers free motion capture data in three different formats - BVH, FBX and C3D

Following motions are available for free download

  • Back Flip
  • Climb
  • Sit on Chair
  • Slip Down
  • Stand Wave
  • Walk Turn 180

Free Motion Capture Session For Game Developers

Hi Guys,

Just came across a forum post in which offers one hour of free motion capture session for game developers. The exact post and link to original post below,

Hi I am Buddhi From

We are developing a system which users can direct and capture their desired motion through online. At the moment we testing our system therefore we would like to offer one hour free of charge motion capture session.
Not only that we will edit and re target the one hour captured data free of charge.

if anyone interested please let us know.

Cheers _ Buddhi

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So Game Developers Hurry & Make use of this offer.

Poser Library Browser and Manager

Poser Explorer
P3dO Explorer is a Poser Library Browser and manager.
Navigate your Runtimes, Search content, Open in Poser. 3D Viewing (OBJ), list CR2 content.
Also support for Daz Studio and Carrara.

Automate Poser Breathing

A little script to automate the breathing process during animation.

Poser Breathing Script

Sensorless Motion Capture Technology


Living Room For Poser


Fully furnished Livingroom with chair, dining table, coffee table curtain, cabinet, round carpet, pillow, love seat, arm chair, hanging lamp, floor lamp, dining cart, bowl, glas, ash tray, vase and 4 pictures. Included is also a Pz3 with most of the items including lights loading, 3 cam settings and 2 light sets.

Michael 4 Emotions for Poser


Download Bvhacker 1.6.1 - Free BVH File editor and previewer

Bvhacker 1.6.1- Free BVH File editor and previewer

New Features in version 1.6.1
In addition to the square shoulders feature...

* Now possible to associate bvh files with bvhacker, so bvhacker can be the default editor for bvh files
* Now possible to open bvh files by dragging them onto bvhacker (drag and drop opening)
* Ability to undo last operation
* Simple resampling (downsamples to half number of frames)
* Split and enhanced SLify function into to separate functions (Attempt SL bone renaming, Attempt retarget to SL). Joint sizing function now uses quaternion magic for a far smoother conversion of arms axis alignment and joint rotation order
* Added support for bvh files with position and scale motion data values
* Separated display of joint offset and motion translation data. Joint offsets now displayed in joint properties and translation data values are displayed on dynamic sliders.
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for slider X,Y and Z values
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for slider range
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for joint offsets in joint properties (X,Y,Z)
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for frame time
* Center function: centres the first frame of the animation in X and Z
* Added 26 new keyboard shortcuts (see below)
* Tidied menu and removed experimental functions
* Made file open and save dialogs re-sizable
* Global hips rotation is now possible ('standard' ZXY rotation order hips only)
* Added figure head to display

Visit http://www.bvhacker .com to download for free!

Brought to you by Truebones Motions

Alien Morph & Texture for Michael 4

Popular alien for the basic model Michael 4.
Morph and Texture Set (Texture, Bump and Speculare maps, all 2048x2048 ).

Poser Alien Model

Romantic & Love Poses for V4 & M4

Free Romantic poses for V4 and M4, requires a bench or couch prop.

Poser Romantic Poses

Roller Skates Motion Capture Video

Watch the video of roller skates motion capture.

Import Poser / Daz Props into Blender with this Tool

Import your Poser or Daz Studio props in to Blender with one click.

Working very well at this time. There are some limitations. See the product page for installation, use,limitations and for the latest version.

This may or may not work with Vista, Linux or Mac. It has not been test with them thus far. Please send me feed back if you have one of these OS.

Test with Blender 2.49

Poses For Daz3d Cow

4 new Poses for the Daz3D Cow.

Naturalpoint Optitrack Motion Capture with Virtual Camera

We knew virtual camera systems are starting gain traction, particularly in the world of cinema and within James Cameron's little set of toys, but it's pretty wild to see one in action. NaturalPoint is showing off its OptiTrack motion capture system at GDC, a budget-friendly multi-camera setup (if $6k is your idea of budget-friendly), but it also has a prototype of sorts of its upcoming virtual camera system. The camera's orientation and movement is actually tracked in the same way a motion capture suit is, and if you're in the same tracking space as a motion capture actor you can do "real" camera work with a live 3D rendered preview of the action. The shoulder-mounted camera has controls for virtual tracking and dolly moves, along with zoom, and has zero problem delivering that shaky handheld look that's all the rage in visual effects these days. There's no word on much this will retail for, but despite the fact that we have absolutely zero use for it we totally want one. Check out a video of it in action after the break.

Disney to Shut Down a Motion Capture Studio

To further cut costs at its movie studio, The Walt Disney Co. said Friday that it will shut a San Francisco-area facility used to capture the performance of Jim Carrey for his digitally animated character, Scrooge, in "A Christmas Carol."

The closure of the facility in Marin County, north of San Francisco, will be completed by January and result in the loss of 450 jobs.

The facility was built by ImageMovers Digital, a company co-founded by "A Christmas Carol" director Robert Zemeckis and partially owned by Disney. Motion-capture technology in that facility was used to make the movie; Carrey wore sensors as he acted out scenes, and the data were used to recreate his character on the screen.

Before it closes, the complex will continue to be used by Zemeckis and his team to complete production of "Mars Needs Moms!," a 3-D movie set for release in March 2011.

CleanCR2 Free Poser Utility

CleanCR2 is a utility designed to address a couple of chores conforming clothing merchants (and sometimes their customers) have to deal with. When saving clothing CR2 files out of Poser, AutoConforming ERC is broken. Also, cutting, pasting and using various software utilities on a CR2 file will cause the file's indentation to get messy, making it harder to read.

View the enclosed readme file for more information.

CleanCR2 Free Poser Utility

Free Poses For Michael 4

Tired of using the same M4 poses that came with the package? Try these 4 simple poses to get you started with your Michael 4 creations. Chair prop used by RichardT available at the Renderosity Free Stuff section. Clothing and skin textures are not included.

free m4 poses

ArMa Vision Horse Poses

Poses for ArMa Vision Horse
("Arma Vision Horse" is a free model to download on Renderosity)

poser horse poses

Action Poses for M4

Action Poses
This is a variety of action poses for Michael 4: 1 pose with a gun, 1 mage pose, 1 running pose and 1 action hero pose. Requires M4 from DAZ. Please remove IK before applying the poses. Have fun!

Ultimate Motion Kit For Victoria 4 Includes 70 MotoBlocs

Download this package of motion building blocks for Poser. This Package includes a variety of 70 MotoBlocs (pz2 animated pose files) that will make your animation work much easier.

What are MotoBlocs?

MotoBlocs are motion building blocks that an artist can combine to produce his or her own unique sequence of movements.

Each MotoBlocs Base package includes simple instructions on how to create motion sequences with Poser.

Types of MotoBlocs included in this Base package of 70 animated pose files:

  • Short and Long steps,
  • Walking loops,
  • Standing loops,
  • Pushing buttons,
  • Conversing (body movement only),
  • Waiting,
  • Waving and many more loops.
  • Left and Right turns.
  • Transitions to & from all other MotoBlocs.

Bike Riding Poses For M4 Poser

Download 2 packages of Bike Riding Poser for Poser Character Michael 4.

Bike Riding Poses For M4 Poser

Bike Riding Poses For M4 Poser

Notes:Though this package is a stand-alone, it is being constructed based on "Sport Bike model v2" by humster3d.
Please refer to HowToImportBike02.txt contained in this package.
An import option is specified to grow bigger than the size of the motorcycle of #01.
The poses of M4 contained in this package is constructed based on that size.

StormTrooper Character For Blender

Stormtrooper character rigged and textured for blender.

blender character

V4 Chair Poses For Poser

Download Chair Poses for Victoria 4.

V4 Chair Poses

Free BVH Mixer - Mocap Importer Tool

Free BVH Motion Capture Mixture Tool

BVH Mixer Mocap ToolA better way to import BVH files. Lets you pick body parts, control strength of action, mix with existing motion.


Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X
Software/Package: This is a standalone item.
License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Mauer goes through Motion Capture for video game (AP)

Winning the AL MVP Award was one thing. Gracing the cover of the video game "MLB 10 The Show" is a whole new experience for Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer. Mauer donned a skintight, high-tech suit dotted with dozens of sensors to have his motions recorded during a session Tuesday at Sony Computer Entertainment America's San Diego Motion Capture Studio.

The sensors were placed on all his flex points so dozens of cameras, shooting at 120 frames per second, could correctly capture his motions.

Mauer says it was weird putting on the tight suit, but otherwise he had a good time.

"It was uncomfortable at first, but as I started doing it more and more, it started feeling more comfortable," he said.

Being on the cover of the game has become a bit of a status symbol.

Others who've done so recently include former MVPs Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies and Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox.

"It's good company that I'm joining. I'm glad to be a part of it," Mauer said.

The game will be released March 2 for PlayStation3, PlayStation2 and PlayStation Portable.

Free Figure Posing Tool for Poser

free poser tools
This Python script for Poser 8 (and Poser Pro 2010) allows to select one or multiple body parts from a 2D representation of the selected Poser figure and to pose them.

Included are configuration files for most Poser 5-8 human figures and DAZ' Millenium figures.

Also included is a script that allows to create new configuration files for any figure.

Please check out the HTML help "How to use Hampelmann" contained in the ZIP file on how to use and setup the script!


Software/Package: Poser 8
License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Free Fright Poses For Michael 4

Download 12 Free Fright Poses For Poser Michael 4 Character.

Free Poser Fright Poses12 original poses for Michael 4. These are poses of fears and/or great fear, Michael fled, defends the face is caught etc.
You there are no more to give it expression on its face and integrate it into your scenes of horrors.

Needed software: Poser 5 or above...
Needed product: Michael 4 base from Daz3D

Motion Capture Performances in Avatar Movie

See the Motion Capture work done in avatar movie. Motion Capture technology is really taking the movies to a new level.

US Truck Object For Poser

Truck Object Works with Poser 4 and above. Comes in .obj format with additional textures and various body containers.
US Poser Truck

US Paratrooper Figure For Poser

Download Poser Figure US Paratrooper in World War II. Package includes dress, rifle, helmet, poser figure and other props. All props are pre-loaded and parented with the figure. Also comes with 4 motions to walk, march and run, 17 unique war poses. Works with all Poser versions.

Sci-Fi Robo Model For Poser, Daz & Max

Download Robot Model BEO2K10 for your Sci-Fi Animations. Excellent machine looks like transformer autobots.


  • Modeled in ZBrush & 3D Studio MAX
  • 3 MAT poses
  • 8 Poses
  • 1 Weapon Prop

poser 3ds max robotCybernetic, full mechanoid no one knows but what we do know is they are heavily armored

Buy Now $20

Mammoth Poses For Your Ice Age Animation

Download Action Poses for Mammoth with Pre-Historic Backgrounds for your Poser / Daz.

Package includes :-

  • 25 Action Poses (Includes Battle Poses)
  • 10 Pre Historic Backgrounds


Poser Mammoth PosesThe woolly mammoth was the last species of the genus. Most populations of the woolly mammoth in North America and Eurasia died out at the end of the last Ice Age. Until recently, it was generally assumed that the last woolly mammoths vanished from Europe and Southern Siberia about 10,000 BC, but new findings show that some were still present there about 8,000 BC. Only slightly later, the woolly mammoths also disappeared from continental Northern Siberia.Woolly mammoths as well as Columbian mammoths disappeared from the North American continent at the end of the ice age. -

The Woolly Mammoth comes to life with this exciting set of poses and beautiful prehistoric backgrounds.

These poses employ a unique approach that greatly expands the limits of your Woolly Mammoth's flexibility and allows for a broader range of motion.

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