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Free BVH Motion From Animazoo May 2009

Hi all, Animazoo has released few more cool bvh motions now.

Below is the list of BVH motions available for free download. You can use them in your animation with proper credits.

Bass GuitarDownload
Rhythm GuitarDownload
Martial Arts - Wingchun ComboDownload
Martial Arts - Wingchun PunchDownload
Martial Arts - WingchunDownload
Cheering 1Download
Cheering 2Download
Looking AroundDownload


Daniel Williams on May 3, 2011 at 1:39 AM said...

Hello bvh fans. Animazoo has recently updated it's free bvh library. Register at to download the latest bvh files and get updates on what's new. Dan @ Animazoo

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