.bip Mocap for 3ds Max Biped

hi folks, below is the list of free motion captures in bip format for 3ds max.

  • collapse_and_die_1.bip
  • collapse_and_die_2.bip
  • die_fall_back.bip
  • diespin.bip
  • diespin3.bip
  • diespin4.bip
  • diespinjump6.bip
  • diestabbelly.bip
  • electrocuted_die.bip
  • faint_die.bip
  • fall2.bip
  • fall3.bip
  • falling.bip
  • falling2.bip
  • falling3.bip
  • flailvert2.bip
  • poisoned_die.bip
  • shot_fall_forward.bip
  • writhe_drop_knees_die.bip
These free mocap is provided by es3d.com and you need to request password to download these files.


Julio on May 13, 2009 at 4:21 AM said...

Pass? Please tell me. The website dosn't send me the mail.

Hitman on May 14, 2009 at 10:50 AM said...

many have the same problem. try contacting them through their support page...

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