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Facial Mocap File

facial mocap
Facial Mocaps are always difficult and here is a typical example of facial motion capture data from available download formats are c3d, csm, FBX and V-File.

Download the sample free facial mocaps from the links below.

Mocap Boxing - Arcade Game

Mocap Boxing is a great arcade game for boxing; detects your movement and swerving strike.You must use a heavy boxing gloves: excellent training if you win instead of trying to make slight movements with actual movements. However, it is easier to win if you do not strive as much gloves colliding with each other movements or read, even with their hands falls are considered as strokes.

mocap boxing arcade game

Mocap Boxing Video

Free BVH Downloads From Animazoo

Hi friends, you can find free bvh downloads from in various categories including standing, sitting, walking, talking, running, jumping, martial arts... All they want is to credit them, when you use it commercially.

Find The Free Downloads Here

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