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Kinect Motion Capture


Kinect Motion Capture

Many motion capture applications keeps coming for kinect. Kinect motion capture system can used by 3d applications for capturing motions for 3d animation softwares like motionbuilder, 3ds max, maya, poser, blender etc., And there are two successful motion capture applications using kinect motion sensor which enables animators to setup their own motion capture studio.

IPiSoft Kinect Motion Capture Application

Ipisoft comes with a first commercial kinect motion capture software. ipisoft released its desktop motion capture software a year ago. It uses markerless motion capture technology. You just need to record a video using webcam or their suggested sony play station eye for better results. Then their software process the video and converts it to motion capture files. Output supports various mocap formats- Biovision .BVH format including 3DS MAX .BVH,MotionBuilder .BVH,Endorphin .BVH,iClone .BVH,Blender .BVH, FBX,COLLADA (.dae),Valve Software’s Source Engine animation .SMD

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Kinect Motion Sports – Future Of Gaming

Game manufacturers included body motion to their video games using motion capture technology as a way to make their creations less complicated and significantly less intimidating to game players. In future motion capture is going to become integral to most of the games including action,sports, role play and shooting games that are most anticipated by pro gamers.

Kinect motion sports is the interactive way to play motion video games. Kinect Motion Sports is the starting point to the virtual reality & motion sensor games. Kinect motion sport includes hang gliding, soccer, football, horseback riding, boxing, and skiing.

Sees some videos below featuring kinect motion sports review & may be Kinect Motion Capture  is the future of gaming.

Poser Figure Artist - Virtual 3D Models for Artists

Poser Figure Artist is a virtual studio supplying really practical human models to help artists create human figure art for canvas, sculpture or digital artwork. Artists can choose from ready-to-use human figure models and lots of of poses, outfits, expressions, hair styles and backgrounds, set the tone with a a number of lighting options, after which it see their scene from any camera angle. The resulting Three-dimensional human figure is a realistic appearance that artists can use as a model to help draw, sculpt or paint the human form. Poser Figure Artist is a useful addition for artists who want to make use of the human form in their artwork or studies, and would prefer an option to wooden mannequins and costly, live models.

Poser Figure Artist has many applications:

Make Art in A lot of Kinds - Artists can create finished figure art in countless distinct styles, from photorealistic to pastel, charcoal, or pen and ink, or use your virtual model for painting or sculpture.

Substitute Wooden Mannequins - Poser Figure Artist's virtual models can change wooden mannequins and live models. Virtual models never tire or modify position, and are always out there so you can return to your model whenever and keep on your work.

Use as Assisting Tool - Poser Figure Artist presents a digital classroom so you can locate more and far better understand figure art, discover about the 3D perspective, vanishing points, lighting, shadows and a lot more.

Free Mocap Data From BeyondMotion

2 comments offers free motion capture data in three different formats - BVH, FBX and C3D

Following motions are available for free download

  • Back Flip
  • Climb
  • Sit on Chair
  • Slip Down
  • Stand Wave
  • Walk Turn 180

Free Motion Capture Session For Game Developers

Hi Guys,

Just came across a forum post in which offers one hour of free motion capture session for game developers. The exact post and link to original post below,

Hi I am Buddhi From

We are developing a system which users can direct and capture their desired motion through online. At the moment we testing our system therefore we would like to offer one hour free of charge motion capture session.
Not only that we will edit and re target the one hour captured data free of charge.

if anyone interested please let us know.

Cheers _ Buddhi

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So Game Developers Hurry & Make use of this offer.

Poser Library Browser and Manager

Poser Explorer
P3dO Explorer is a Poser Library Browser and manager.
Navigate your Runtimes, Search content, Open in Poser. 3D Viewing (OBJ), list CR2 content.
Also support for Daz Studio and Carrara.

Automate Poser Breathing

A little script to automate the breathing process during animation.

Poser Breathing Script

Sensorless Motion Capture Technology


Living Room For Poser


Fully furnished Livingroom with chair, dining table, coffee table curtain, cabinet, round carpet, pillow, love seat, arm chair, hanging lamp, floor lamp, dining cart, bowl, glas, ash tray, vase and 4 pictures. Included is also a Pz3 with most of the items including lights loading, 3 cam settings and 2 light sets.

Michael 4 Emotions for Poser


Download Bvhacker 1.6.1 - Free BVH File editor and previewer

Bvhacker 1.6.1- Free BVH File editor and previewer

New Features in version 1.6.1
In addition to the square shoulders feature...

* Now possible to associate bvh files with bvhacker, so bvhacker can be the default editor for bvh files
* Now possible to open bvh files by dragging them onto bvhacker (drag and drop opening)
* Ability to undo last operation
* Simple resampling (downsamples to half number of frames)
* Split and enhanced SLify function into to separate functions (Attempt SL bone renaming, Attempt retarget to SL). Joint sizing function now uses quaternion magic for a far smoother conversion of arms axis alignment and joint rotation order
* Added support for bvh files with position and scale motion data values
* Separated display of joint offset and motion translation data. Joint offsets now displayed in joint properties and translation data values are displayed on dynamic sliders.
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for slider X,Y and Z values
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for slider range
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for joint offsets in joint properties (X,Y,Z)
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for frame time
* Center function: centres the first frame of the animation in X and Z
* Added 26 new keyboard shortcuts (see below)
* Tidied menu and removed experimental functions
* Made file open and save dialogs re-sizable
* Global hips rotation is now possible ('standard' ZXY rotation order hips only)
* Added figure head to display

Visit http://www.bvhacker .com to download for free!

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Alien Morph & Texture for Michael 4

Popular alien for the basic model Michael 4.
Morph and Texture Set (Texture, Bump and Speculare maps, all 2048x2048 ).

Poser Alien Model

Romantic & Love Poses for V4 & M4

Free Romantic poses for V4 and M4, requires a bench or couch prop.

Poser Romantic Poses

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